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You could choose from so many different costume ideas for Halloween. Depending on your budget of time and money, you could choose one or more of them and get them made. If you plan to buy them, we have done the hard work for you and have provided the best of costumes at best deals for you, just check out the different costumes links and banners, for example the Bat costume mentioned below:
However, if you want to demonstrate your creativity, or if you are a bit tight on cash, you can try any of the following simple, but effective costumes

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Although there are dozens and dozens of costumes to buy - why not create your own inexpensive Halloween costumes. Here a few simple, but effective ideas:

Robot: Cardboard box with holes for arms and legs. Box for head. Pie plates glued to front for headlights. Light sticks for antennae. Use silver paint or aluminum foil to decorate.

Spider: Black leotard and tights. Three pairs of black panty hose stuffed with old nylons. Stick stuffed hose to waist of leotard. Stocking cap. Black pipe cleaners for antennae.

Jack-in-the-box: Cardboard box. Slinky toys for arms. Stocking cap. Box can be held in place with suspenders. Decorate as you desire.

Mummy: Gel your hair and pull it away from your face. Use white makeup on face. Use strips of muslin wrapped around entire body.

Television: Take a cardboard box. And some gelatin paper to cover hole at front. Hold flashlight inside. Use light sticks for TV antennae.

Skeleton: Black leotard and tights. White tape or chalk for ribs and bones. White makeup on face with black eyes.

Money tree: Green sweat suit. Glue fake money (monopoly) to body.

Tourist: Colorful wild shirt. Shorts. Several old cameras around neck. Sunglasses. Hat

Skin diver:
Wet suit or grey track suit. Goggles. Swim flippers (cut off bottom and place over top of shoes). Bucket with plastic fish.