Grabbing up the perfect mood is one of the tricks behind every successful party, and you would agree to that. You would also agree that a theme driven party like that of Halloween is no exception to this. So you would do well to plan beforehand. Will it be a simple fun party? Or a fun party filled with scary ideas? Or to make them feel creepy and have fun at the same time?

For 2018 few simple but great Halloween craft ideas compiled by Only for YOU Kids

Halloween Witch | Sucker Ghosts | Pumpkin Candy Dish | Welcoming Witch
Candle Lanterns | Halloween masks | Romantic Pumpkins

Making crafts for Halloween will add that special flavor and mood to your party. And it's easy to make them. You might require adult supervision for some of these. Happy crafting! You can also refer this page to your friends by sending them the URL of this page

Halloween Witch
For Halloween Witch
You will need:
1 -9 husky traditional chair leg (available at your local home improvement store)
Black Ceram Coat Paint
Green Ceram Coat Paint
3 inch Felt Witch Hat
Orange paper twist
Spanish Moss
Orange cross-stitch thread
Silk Fall Leaf
Small Plastic Spider
3 1/2inch Black Buttons
Sponge brush
Hot glue gun
Black Pigma pen

1. Begin by removing the screw from the bottom of the chair leg. This requires a fair amount of strength and hence you may like to get some help. Grip the screw with a pair of pliers and twist the chair leg.

2. Paint the ball of the chair leg green. (This will be the head)

3. Paint the rest of the chair leg black.

4. Thread the orange cross-stitch string through the holes of one of the buttons. Tie the thread off and repeat with the other buttons.

5. Hot glue some Spanish moss to the back, top, and sides of the head.

6. Draw a face on the front of the head with the pigma pen.

7. Hot glue the buttons down the front of the witch's body.

8. Hot glue the hat to the top of the head. Embellish the hat by hot gluing on the silk leaf and the plastic spider.

9. Untwist the paper twist and cut a thin strip. Tie a bow of the paper twist at the witch's neck.

Sucker Ghosts
You will need:
Tootsie roll pops
6" squares of white fabric, with edges cut using pinking shears
6" lengths of black and orange ribbon, one for each "ghost"
10"x12" sheet of 2" thick Styrofoam
Black spray paint
Fine line Sharpie marker
Black acrylic paint & paint brush
Paring knife, or other blade suitable to cut Styrofoam
Misc. small branch pieces (optional)

Of course the simple part is making the ghosts. Simply tie a square of white fabric over the Tootsie roll, securing it at the "neck" with a piece of ribbon tied in a bow.
The graveyard involves a couple steps that an adult should do - (1) the cutting and (2) the spray painting. The rest of it can easily be made by kids age 5 and up.
Cut the Styrofoam in half width-wise. Out of one half, draw off 3 tombstone shapes. Using a sharp knife or X-acto, cut out these shapes, trimming it so that it is as smooth as possible.
Using 2 toothpicks each, secure the tombstones on top of the second half of foam. Be sure to place these far enough apart to allow room for other decorations.

Carefully "spritz" the whole display with black spray paint. Take care not to spray for prolonged periods of time in any one spot, as the spray paint will melt the foam. Just use quick, short bursts of paint. Spray in this manner until you have the look you want. Allow the paint to dry completely
Now let the kids decorate the tombstones. Remove them from the base foam. Let them use markers to write funny names, draw cracks, and decorate them however they would like. If there are areas that you would like to show more than others (such as the names vs. the cracks) go over them with black paint.
Note: You will notice that the marker will melt the foam a little - just encourage the kids not to press too hard.
When the tombstones are done, place them back on the foam base where they were. You will see that a white blank was left where the spray paint did not reach - this makes it easy to put them back in place. 
Have the kids gather interesting gnarly-looking twigs from the yard and poke these in different spots around the "graveyard. Finish off the masterpiece by poking the Sucker Ghosts here and there.

Pumpkin Candy Dish
For the Pumpkin Candy Dish
You will need:

Ivy Bowl or Small Glass Fish Bowl
Orange CeramCoat Paint
White CeramCoat Paint
Yellow CeramCoat Paint
Blue CeramCoat Paint
Black Paint Pen
Kitchen Sponge
Miracle Sponge (Compressed sponge)

1. Using the kitchen sponge apply both colors of orange to completely cover the glass bowl. All the pot to dry completely.

2. Cut eyes, pupils, a nose and a tooth out of the miracle sponge. Dip the miracle sponge in water so that it expands. Squeeze out the excess water.

3. Sponge white eyes and a white tooth on the pot. Sponge a yellow nose on the pot. If you do not like the coverage fill in spots with a Q-tip. Once the eyes dry sponge blue pupils on them. Let the paint dry. With a Q-tip add a sparkle of white paint.

4. Draw around the eyes and nose with the black paint pen. Add a mouth, pumpkin lines, and eyebrows with the black paint pen.

Welcoming Witch

You will need:
1 bleach bottle
straw or raffia for the hair
12 by 12 flesh colored felt
12 by 12 black felt
2 eyes (black felt, buttons, or googly eyes)
Tool to make small holes in plastic bottle
1/4 yard of black material
14 inches of black chenille
Step 1: Cut the bottle in half. Decide the size of face you want and make a circle with a pencil.
Step 2: Make plenty of holes around the top of the circle.

Step 3: Cut the flesh felt in a circle and glue to the bottle.

Step 4: Now start inserting raffia into the holes, leaving 1 inch hanging out of the upper holes and longer strands hanging out of the side holes. String it in and out of each hole for the hair line.

Step 5: Add on the eyes and mouth if you have one.

Step 6: Take the black material and make a triangle hat.

Step 7: Take the black felt and cover the back side of the bottle. Stretch a piece of wire across the back so you can hang it up. Attach the wire to each side real tight.

Step 8: Apply glue on the hat and the black chenille on the RIM of the hat.

The witch can stand by herself or hang on the wall or door.

Candle Lanterns

Items Needed:  (i) Various size metal cans (ii) Hammer and sharp nail or (awl)

Paint the cans with different vibrant colors. Then draw outline of figures like bats, pumpkins, etc. Then tap small holes outlining your design. Place candle inside the can, and darken the room.

halloween masks  Refer to the 2018 Halloween masks page. Click Here

Romantic Pumpkins

Items Needed
Real pumpkins
Shiny black paint

Carve small circles with potato peeler, or corer
Tea candles, darken room.

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