Our right hand is meant for great things, isn't it? We now suggest a halloweeni one. Use your hand in an ingenious way and you can have it transformed into the devil kid. Sounds a great idea for a trick or treat expedition, a Halloween party, or just to scare the wits out of your friends. Best part is, it is simple to make, with no elaborate costumes or expenses. So, lots of fun from Only 4 You Kids! Alright, prepare yourself to bring out the devil in you!

You will need:
Kitchen cloth, nylon netting, black paper, face paints (red, white & black), PVA glue, medium brush, scissors, and gold-glitter gel makeup.

compiled by Only for U Kids

Lay down a kitchen cloth and sponge the palm, back of the hand, wrist and the thumb red. After drying, paint the first and the little finger white, while the other two black.

When dry, paint tip of the thumb, and base of the little finger black. Paint the devil's face and beard using the medium brush. Outline the teeth with black, and fill in with white face paint.

Use a finger to gently smear gold-glitter gel over the red paint on the wrist. This will make your devil shimmer and glint. And to finish, cut a length of red nylon netting, and tie around the wrist. Also cut the devil's trident from black paper, and glue it with the net.

And you are all set to be the devil of this Halloween!

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