Alright! The dangerous pirate (from Pirates of Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales) is here to rob and plunder!  Prepare to scare and surprise them all this halloween. Stands very effective in a trick or treat encounter or a Halloween fancy dress party alike.

It is easy to put together and would be something unique for Halloween.
All you need is a red t-shirt, some ropes, a scarf/headband, a sword made of two pieces of wood, and:
natural sponge, hair band or elastic, absorbent paper towel, black, green, red, purple, pink face paints, and a medium and a fine brush. You are advised to take
adult guidance before applying paint on your body.

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Tie the hair back. Use black face paint and the fine brush to paint moustache. It is a good idea to start at the centre of the lip and work outwards. Stay still while this is being done.
Paint the outline for the eye patch with the fine brush. Close your eye while the outline is filled with black. Paint a bushy eyebrow. Then paint the green straps for the eye patch.
Paint the skull and the cross bones tattoo with red face paint and the fine brush. Use the medium brush to paint the pointy, black goatee.
Use the natural sponge to dab the nose with pink face paint. Then dab purple face paint over the top of the pink.