Halloween costumes in parties, trick or treat or in celebrations is all about scaring, right? And who can do it better than a skeleton! That too a kid skeleton! So we thought about bringing a skeleton costume to you, one that you can make at home and without burning a hole in your mom's pocket. To add onto this you may sport a white cap, paint your face like a skull, and have black leggies and gloves. Enjoy a very happy Halloween 2018.

You will need: Long sleeved black T-shirt, Chalk fabric marker, white fabric paint, large sheet of card, pot of water and a thick paintbrush.

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compiled by Only 4 you Kids

Insert card into the T-shirt body and sleeves. Use the chalk fabric marker to draw outlines of the shoulder blades, rib cage, spine, and hips on the front of the T-shirt. Draw outlines of the arm bones on to both sleeves.
Use the thick brush to paint the bones on the front of the T-Shirt with white fabric paint. To make the bones really white, do two coats. Allow the paint to dry between coats.
To finish off, paint the bones on both sleeves. Leave the white paint to dry throughly between coats. All you have to do now, is to wait for Halloween!