twin mask for halloween and school project Wolf mask and lamb mask, two in one

Prepare this wonderful mask at home and you are sure to surprise all your friends. We are confident that lot of people will be inquiring all the way about how you made it.
Not only for this Halloween, this mask can serve you a lot of purposes, starting from party surprises, to school crafts to fancy dress competition.

Now the list of things you need to get going:

  • Two round foil baking trays.

    (The ones used for packing and/or baking food)

  • One plastic glass

    (not too long, medium sized)

  • Red, White and Black chart papers

    (See that they are a bit thicker than normal paper)

  • Acrylic paint and their brush

    (Get 3 to four different colors)

  • A string or tape of elastic

    (to tie the mask to your face)

  • A pair of shoelaces, preferably red

  • A glue stick, a black felt pen and some PVA glue with its brush.

Now as soon as you have the above-mentioned things ready, you can start the process of making a great two in one mask for your self

compiled by Only 4 U Kids

halloween trivk or treat mask
Place the plastic cup upside down on the round foil tray. Now draw its outline with the felt pen. Remove the cup. Now inside the round felt pen mark, draw a small hole for your nose. Draw eyes and mouth holes. Now cut open the holes for nose, eyes, and mouth.
Place your newly crafted holed tray inside the other tray, and trace out all the holes. Now remove the first tray, and cut open the holes in the second tray.
Now take the first tray. and cut right through the middle, between the eye holes. Thus the tray is cut into two equal halves.

Use PVA glue to stick the plastic cup onto the back of one of half part of the tray. Stick along the black felt pen tracing line.

The glue may spread, but you can leave it like that as PVA glue is invisible when it dries up.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Now we need to paint the foil. Mix a little PVA glue to paint. Paint both halves of the cut tray Red.
Now cut out red, black and white papers to make a pair of pointed ears, sharp white fangs and large white eyes for the wolf.
Now paint the lower surface of the plastic glass black. And paint the other tray White. Use red and black paint to paint out the Lamb's features (check the images given / take help of an adult)
Paint a blue, dropping tear on the lambs face. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Now put the two halves of the wolf mask on top of the lamb mask. Take care that the eye and moth holes match, else you might trip. Make slits for hinge, pass tape as hinge, to hinge the wolf masks on to the lamb mask. Paint any visible tape.
Tape a piece of shoelace each on each half of the wolf masks. Tying the laces would have the wolf mask on, and opening the laces would have the lamb mask on. Make a small hole on each side of both masks. This is for the elastic tape to pass through, to make the mask wearable. Try on the mask, before cutting the elastic tape, and tying it together.

Presto! your twin mask is good to go! Now with the twin mask, you are ready for your multiple tricks!