witch hat craft and costume Make a Witch Hat for this Halloween 2016

A witch hat is pretty simple to make yet it's so professional. All witches are sure to be eyeing it! Not only does it goes very well with witch face paint and with witch mask but also with children and adults Halloween parties, fancy dresses and so on. Hence rake up your Halloween. 'Only 4 You Kids' is glad to bring to you these cool crafts & costumes.            

You will need the following:
Black card (poster board), pair of compasses, scissors, craft knife and cutting mat, stapler, sticky tape, raffia, silver wrapping paper, paper adhesive.

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On the sheet of black poster board card, draw a circle large enough for the brim of the hat

Cut the circle using scissors

Draw a second circle inside the first large enough to fit the wearer's head. Cut around this line using a craft knife.

Measure the diameter of the brim and cut another circle of black card measuring about 15 cm or 6 in larger for the crown. Cut a slit from the edge into the center.

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Fold this circle into a cone shape to fit inside the brim. Staple the cone in position where the card overlaps.

Tape the cone to the brim on the inside.

Tape raffia inside the cone at the back of the hat to form the witch's hair

Draw a star shape on silver wrapping paper.

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Cut out the paper star, and using paper adhesive, stick the star on the front of the cone.


Your witch hat is ready to flaunt at your Halloween party!