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Let's be a little familiar with the things around us

Since our birth till the day we die the process of  getting familiar with things goes on with almost every tick of the clock. We see, we smell, we hear, we sense - things around us. And thus, we become familiar with them. We become familiar with people around us. We become familiar with animals around us. And become familiar with anything else around us. Sometimes live. Sometimes through some medium. Like from our folks. Or from books, TV, radio, internet and so forth. Even movies, theater and concerts are a steady source of input of our familiarity. 

And being familiar is the gateway to know things. The more you become familiar with a thing, living or not,  the more knowledge you possess about them.

Here we've tried to make you more familiar with some of the basic things that strike us quite often. For instance, who are we, the humans? We all wish someone to live long. But what does this 'life' mean? And how did this life come into being? And what was there before this 'life'? And what was there still before?... 

The 'Big Bang' will make you familiar with the creation of our  home planet, and tells about where we are and till when we're likely to be there. The 'Planet' will make you more  familiar with objects around you and outside your immediate neighborhood, and even beyond. 

As you browse through different sections of 'Life', you  will be familiar with the 'what', 'how', 
and 'when' of life. It also tells about the different forms of life. Not only the ones that inhabit this planet. But also the ones used to inhabit here some thousands and millions of years back.

While life makes you familiar with the various forms of life inhabiting this planet, a special mention should be made for human beings, the most blessed form of life.  Click Body Parts to know why and also to know yourself.

Again simply living alone is not all life. There's something else that can make a 'life' very special. As you take a look at the Great Leaders of recent history you know what made their lives so special.

While the specialty of their lives has immortalized the leaders of our times, the human passion to do something unique and thereby break barriers has been there since time immemorial. The Wonders of the World will familiarise you with these unique creations those have beaten the pace of the wheel of time. For, even centuries after their creations they continue to amaze us with the same strength as they would do to our ancestors. Indeed these  monuments of marvel also add to what made human life so special since the dawn of human civilization. 

But there is yet another aspect that makes our life livelier. That is recreation - sports and pastime. The Sports sections will  familiarize you with the way it  plays an important role in making our life so livelier. Also, since time immemorial. 

 Just click and enjoy!