Helen Keller 'impossible is nothing'

Helen Adams Keller ranks very high in insprational role models of all times. She was born in June 27, 1880. A blind and deaf from infancy, Helen Keller won over these disabilities and became one of the world's most admirable legends. She achieved things which most of us, able bodied, would waive out as 'impossible'. Perhaps it was because of her spirit so undaunted, attitude so challenging, yet a heart so tender and a mind so religious. Her love, care and concern for others, especially the disabled ones, made her a saint without sainthood.

Helen's early childhood was a real miserable one. When she was only 19 months' old, she was unfortunately left blind and deaf by an illness. She was unruly and wild with no formal education until she was seven. But it was Anne Sullivan who changed her altogether, like a magician changing something with a magic wand,.

Sullivan reached Keller's mind through the sense of touch, having used the manual alphabet, to spell words in the girl's hand. She also used practical situations, such as having the child feel water as it came from the pump and spelling it in her hand at the same time. Now Keller learned rapidly. And by the time she had gone to Perkins Institution at ten, she could read and write in Braille and could use a typewriter specially made for her.

Soon she developed the skill of lip reading by placing her fingers over the speaker's nose, mouth, and larynx. Helen was a real literary gift. She earned a B.A. cum laude and learned French, German, Greek, Italian and Latin, besides English.

Keller was a true social activist. She took a leading role in woman suffrage movement. She also did the same in championing the cause of the poor and the downtrodden. She dedicated her life to the well being of the blind and mute. Not just in the United States, but all over the world.
Keller also earned much fame as the writer of The Story of My Life, Teacher, My Religion, The World I Live In and Midstream: My Later Life. And throughout it all she traveled widely in many countries and received numerous honors and decorations. She died in June 1, 1968.

Helen Keller was a true leader of humanity. Not just for what she accomplished for herself. But also because of the strength and courage she displayed for the benefit of the hundreds of millions.

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