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Know few of the greatest world  leaders of the recent past

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History charts out development of mankind along the course of civilization in an orderly manner. While doing so, it tells you the story of groups of people in different parts of the world, under different civilizations, that has developed over the centuries. But as we come to know about mankind through these stories, it appears that Man has, in fact, progressed very little since the dawn of civilization some 6 or 7 thousand years ago. 

True, the technological achievements and the pursuit of different branches of knowledge have made Man more and more civilized. Yet, despite these development, there are still things like disguised slavery, racial intolerance, injustice, religious persecution, and exploitation of weaker sections in the society. They all haunt the existence of human civilization day in and day out. While most of us give in helplessly to these haunting menaces, there are a some who don't. Instead they stand firm and lead the world towards peace, cooperation and prosperity. Just as a steady beacon does to all, in the night of a devastating gale and storm.

They are known as the leaders of humanity. It is their leadership that helps the world survive even the extreme chaotic condition  through the ages. These leaders, with their exceptional qualities,  charted out  new courses of thoughts and actions leaving us inspired and influenced for quite a long period of time. With all their time-tested virtues and love for humanity these leaders have molded the history. They are the icing of love and kindness on history that  features - mostly greed, arrogance, and vengeance through centuries.

Given below are links to some of the leaders of the recent past. The leaders each of whom has leveraged their nation to the height where it boasts of standing even today.  Should you like other leaders to be added to this list, just ask
George Washington(USA); Abraham Lincoln(USA); Martin Luther King Jr.(USA); 
Helen Keller(USA); M K Gandhi(India); Lenin(Russia), Stalin(Russia);  Dr. Sun Yat Sen (China);

schoolprojects main | Bigbang | Computer | Earth | Leaders | Life | Sports | Worldwonders | Human bodyparts

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