Joseph Stalin


Joseph Stalin was in favor of strengthening egalitarianism, the principle that preaches equal distribution of national wealth and power in the society. He was already the General Secretary of the Bolshevik Party and the chief coordinator of the party, when he succeeded Lenin as the head of the Bolshevik party. 

Stalin was born in 1879 in Georgia, of the former Soviet Republic, that was later known as the CIS and now has become an independednt state. He was a self educated man. He came to power after a brief period of rule of the presidium of the Communist Party following Lenin's death in 1924. Stalin came to power by ousting Trotsky, his one time friend who later did not agree with Stalin's principles and turned rival. By 1936 Stalin was the absolute master of Russia.

His aim was to mold Russia with a firm hand according to his own ideals. Turning Russia into an ideal socialistic role model was Stalin's goal. Fot this he introduced several measures. He was the founder of the plan period economy based on the five-year plan. It was called Piatiletka. It was during Stalin's rule that primary education became mandatory for all. He also introduced farming by communes, called Kolkhoz. This resulted into a big boost in the crop yield. He also introduced an Act that vested the ownership of land to the hands of the farmers who cultivated it. 

Stalin also attached special significance to the development of heavy industries. During his tenure, the production of steel, iron and coal and petroleum witnessed many-fold rise in production. The wage of the industrial labors also witnessed significant rise. He, however, called for a sacrifice of the nation in cutting down the consumption of consumer goods. In 1953 the life of this great marshal dictator came to an end.

He made a non-aggression pact with Hitler in 1939 when Hitler was on an invasion spree across Europe. However, two years later when Hitler attacked Russia Stalin masterminded the nation in foiling the Nazi bid for invasion. It was under his leadership, the Russians drove the Germans back, captured Berlin and liberated several European states. Stalin helped Russia in emerging as one of the leading world power at the end of the World War II. Russia rose to new stenghts in the world under Stalin.

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