Sun Yat sen - father of modern China

Some people are born to redirect and rewrite the flow of history. The father of modern China, Sun Yat Sen had been such a rare found colossus with unparallel genius and love for work.
Born in a farmer's family in the Shiang province of China, Sun did his schooling in Honolulu. Later he converted into Christianity and was influenced by the ideals of democracy. He joined a rebel party when he was a student at the medical college in Honolulu.

Back home he founded Shing chung-hui, an organization to bring renaissance in China.

He had to flee to Japan for his anti-establishment activities. He, however, continued his operations from Japan. He called for making China a modern, democratic  nation by ousting the ongoing Manchu rule. The Manchu government, he believed, was responsible for the downfall of China. 

Inspired by his ideals even the Chinese national army rebelled against the Manchu rule. Soon it spread across the whole nation. Expectedly the revolution resulted in bringing an end to the the Manchu rule. And in 1911 the republic of China came into being with Dr. Sun as its president. 

He worked hard  to uplift the Chinese nation.  He introduced three doctrines to unite the nationalists of China. The doctrines are: People's nationalism, Peoples' Democracy, and Peoples' Livelihood. The first one called for tuning China into a sovereign republic. The second one was inspired by the goal of ensuring equal rights for all under a new constitution. Though Dr. Sun believed Peoples' Livelihood would be ensured through bringing social reforms. He was in favor of bringing certain sectors of industry under national ownership as against the private ownership. 

But all were not loyal to the republican rule under Dr Sun. When a civil war broke out due to some over ambitious army generals, he resigned as the president. 

Sun Yat Sen was in power for a brief period. But within this time, he brought in a democratic renaissance that modernized the Chinese nation with long term effect. It was under his leadership the people of China woke up after a long period of slumber being under the regime of  medieval darkness and superstition. Indeed, Dr. Sun Yat sen is rightly called the father of modern China. The people of China revere him as such.

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