Only4UKids: George Washington       the first President of America


George Washington is one of the most honored and most remembered men America has ever produced. And America has produced many persons of honour. Born in February 22, 1732, George Washington was the son of a Virginian landowner whose grandfather was born in England. Though born in a family of wealthy origin, Washington's childhood was not a very smooth sailing. The misleading myth about Washington has been that he was born with a gold spoon in his mouth.

Washington's life long consideration for the others lasted to the end. In fact he could not start to school until 8 and had to leave at 14, just to go to work and earn.

Washington had a youth of toil which hardened the muscles of his character and his body. He was a devoted sportsman. He could clear the tallest fence without rising in the stirrups and shoot his musket straight to the mark with one hand. Obviously in his youth Washington found his inclinations strongly bent to arms.

He was made of the same clay as most Americans who have won high leadership and like them, he cut his teeth on the crust of poverty. Only four of five Presidents came from poorer homes than the first President. He was in fact the only President in the first forty years who was without college.

Washington initially could not display his military skill as a campaigner. But he was well known for his passion for arms. He was made the commander-in-chief when the American War of Independence peaked, especially following the incidents in Lexington and Concord.

The Revolution was not won by the sword of Washington, but by his indomitable character, The character which was slowly built up by poverty and struggle which had given him from the start the leadership over men who talked more, and who knew more.

As epr historans, the most significant battle he won was his last battle at Yorktown. Washington was very considerate to others. He freed all his slaves in his will. He pensioned Nelson, his war horse, who never again wore a saddle. His liberal charity cost him so much that it was a serious drain on his official pay. 

No President has been more bitterly criticized than this first one. Yet, he retained the confidence of the country to the last. His life came to an end in December 14, 1799. The love for Washington was so passionate that people, at the inauguration of his successor, followed him to the street leaving the new President all but deserted. 

The nations are united, as in no other instance, in honoring the memory of Washington. Poet Lord Byron ranked him only "Next to the Divinity". The tribute paid in Congress at the time of his death by Light Horse Harry, remains the most familiar:

" First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

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