Sports and Games

Man's interest in games and sports 
comes as natural 
as is the pleasure of playing 
by almost all animals that we observe around us. 
Sports - the word itself has an inbuilt magical spell. 
It flashes on your eyes some activity or the other,  
that you love so much to enjoy.
 And there are many such activities.


Games or sports are some kinds of activities which are performed with the spirit of a contest.
To be specific, games usually include contests involving luck, skill, or strength. Yet, there are many games which are not contests but require  playing out parts like actors on a stage. Still others, like dancing round the Maypole, are mere fun. For, they involve singing and dancing with other people.


Sometimes games are for more 
than simple enjoyment. 
Frequently, they have been ways of 
training young men to be warriors. 
This is specially true of games we call 'sports'.
Sports have often been part of the play pattern of boys, including many sports that were dangerous. Indian boys practiced spear throwing and archery. 
They raced ponies, swam, and wrestled. 
Feats of strength and bravery were prized and individuals were rewarded with ceremony. Iroquois Indians played lacrosse, with broken bones or 
bleeding heads as an usual occurrence during the play. 
Greek boxers fought with a  piece of leather studded with metal wrapped around each fist, and Roman gladiators used spears, daggers, and swords. 


It is from these sports 
organized to demonstrate fighting strength or skill, there developed eventually competitive sports 
as we know them today. 
We play these for fun 
as well as for physical development.

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