Modern Sports

We all watched the recent London 2012 Olympics, didn't we? And we a eagerly waiting for the 2016 Olympics one at Brasil! Modern sports and games embrace a huge world of activities - from the old ones like wrestling and running, to more recent ones like mountaineering and motor racing. Based on the variety, sports and games can broadly be classified into two types - 'indoor' and 'outdoor'. True, with the development of  technology many of the exclusive outdoor games are being played indoor. Yet there are some games which are traditionally outdoor types. While the old ones have changed their form and mode the new ones appear with a new set of rules, to be applied internationally. And which one is to be included and which one 'not', is decided by the international bodies, entrusted with these responsibilities. Their decision is final regarding the rules of games.

It is likely that all games may not be equally attractive to us. For instance, if you find a ball game more interesting, some one else may find the track and field variety more appealing. Still some may not like either of them. Instead, they may have a passion for water sports. Again, you cannot just leave out those who find the indoor board games more involving.  But even that's not all. In fact, you may find all of them kind of too drab... and are only enthralled by an adventure sport. The sport that stakes the life at every moment. 

Some need a sprawling ballpark, some just a sizeable piece of court. Still some need a pool of clear water while a few need stretches of ice to play on.  However, amid all such variety each of them has one thing in common. They all belong to sport - a group of activities that put to test the physical or mental skill or both against the other. In fact, it is not the activity, but the spirit, that counts in sports. Even a fighting variety can be a sporting event, if the spirit is not missing.


Many of these have been recognized as a sport thousands of years ago. 
Only they have got their forms changed with the change of time. And as time goes by many new activities are getting included in the field of sports. Thus modern sports include host of such activities. Some have been played since time immemorial, while many have joined recently.

But modern sports is not complete without modern Olympics. It was initiated in an effort to revive the glorious sports event of the ancient Greece in present world the modern Olympic has occupied the most prominent role in the present day's world.  
The architect of the modern Olympics was Pierre, baron de Coubertin, of Paris, France. An educationist and welfarist at heart, Coubertin had the idea of reviving the Olympic Games. 
He conveyed his desire for a new era in international sport at a meeting of the Union des Sports Athlétiques in Paris on November 25, 1892.

His aim was to promote sports event that would strengthen international peace and friendship through participation of all countries.

After much debate and dithering it was decided the Games would be hosted in Athens, Greece in the first week of April, 1896. A committee of 14 members headed by Coubertin was formed. Thus was founded the International Olympic Committee. Later, in 1894 the IOC (Comité International Olympique) was given the responsibility for maintaining the regular celebration of the Olympic Games, seeing that the Games are carried out in the spirit that inspired their revival, and promoting the development of amateur sport throughout the world.
The first Games made of 42 events in 10 different sports categories, were held with 300 participants from 13 nations.

The Olympic Games have come to be regarded as the world's foremost sports competition. Care was taken that the games would include all events of the ancient Olympics. Later additions were made to them. However, all being basically summer games, the need for also including winter sports was largely felt. Decision to host a Winter Olympics was taken. In 1924 the Winter Games were sanctioned for winter sports.

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